The Draft Budgetary Edict (Fiscal Year 2018) has been deposited at the Provincial Assembly of Haut-Uélé.

The Governor of Haut-Uele, Dr. Jean-Pierre Lola
Kisanga personally deposited at the Provincial Assembly of Haut-Uele, the
draft budget for the 2018 fiscal year of the province of Haut-Uele.
On leaving the Office of the President of the Provincial Assembly of the
Uele, Honorable Ismael Ebunze Magadi, Governor Dr.
Jean-Pierre Lola Kisanga said that this draft budget edict
revolves around one hundred and twenty-eight billion Congolese Francs
(128,000,000,000.00 FC). He further stated that in this figure it is necessary to
take into account the amount of,00 FC which constitutes
loans, projects negotiated near certain partners.
These project loans will be examined by the Provincial Assembly, for
that the Provincial Executive can obtain the formal authorization of the latter, in order to take into account these project loans. These will help to move forward
substantial, the implementation of the government program
in major energy, road and other infrastructure and the agricultural sector.

“So we will, in the coming days, be invited to the Assembly
Provincial, come to present the economy of this project Edit containing
the budget of the Province of Haut-Uele, for the 2018 Fiscal Year, but
before that, we will focus on the amending budget, exercise in
course, “added the Governor of the Province, adding that the
will remain the filing of the report of the execution of the first half of
the current year, which he promised to table on Thursday, along with other
accompanying the budget submission, including
recounting of revenues and expenditures in this 2018 budget, does it
clarified further, the Chief of the Provincial Executive of Haut-Uele.
In addition, the Proposed Draft Amending Budget 2017, but
also the draft edict of the accounts, financial year 2016
after integration and preliminary observations of the Court of Account, have
have also been tabled.

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